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The Association is a combination of two former associations from the self administered industry, the Association of Pensioneer Trustees (APT) and the SIPP Providers Group (SPG).

It was agreed to combine the two associations following the introduction of the Simplification and Taxation of Pension Schemes in order for the industry involved in the administration of, provision of and establishers of self administered arrangements to have a single cohesive voice rather than the possible fragmentation of a very professional group of pension professionals.

The Committee is drawn from all walks of the self administered industry and includes pensions consultants, actuaries, lawyers and insurance company representatives.

The aim of the Association is to be the principal body and voice for changes too be discussed for all Government Departments who are involved in this very important area of pension planning. The Committee has been involved in the discussions and consultative paper talks for some years but have always had a good work working relationship with HMRC in trying to find workable but practical solutions to any changes being proposed.

If any information is needed on the Association regarding membership then please contact the Membership Secretary.  For press enquiries please contact the Chairman.  For other enquiries, or in their absence, please contact the Honorary Secretary.  All of their contact details can be found on the Committee pages.

Recent News

Committee Update
We are very pleased that Sarah Hawkins...
28th Mar 2017 2:13 pm
ABI 'Making Retirement Choices Clear' guide - Milestones approaching
If you wish your company to be listed as a supporter, the deadline is Friday 31 March 2017.
28th Mar 2017 2:07 pm
Money Purchase Annual Allowance consultation response
The AMPS Committee's response to the consultation was issued on 15th February. A copy can be viewed via the link below. Though the consultation's two questions were of narrow focus, the AMPS response sought to consider them by reference to the broader context of the continuing restriction of pension tax relief;
16th Feb 2017 4:27 pm


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