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At AMPS, we expect our members to conduct their business with utmost good faith, integrity and professional competence, being mindful of the well-being of their clients at all times.

Although AMPS do initially vet members when they join and have the right to refuse membership where they feel it is proper to do so, AMPS have always operated in a spirit of openness and inclusion. In addition, once accepted, AMPS do not continue to regularly monitor members but rather expect members to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the expectations outlined in the Constitution and the Code of Conduct.

Whilst we appreciate that being a member of AMPS should imply a certain level of professionalism, we would like to remind everyone that membership of AMPS does not constitute an endorsement of any particular member.

Therefore, if you are searching for a member in the course of performing any due diligence we would strongly advise that you do not base any decision solely on whether or not you find the member on our website but rather perform the sort of checks that you would undertake in assessing any business.

Pension Liberation

As you are all aware, Pension Liberation has become an increasing threat to the integrity of the pensions industry and fighting it has become a high priority for many government bodies. As members, you have an obligation not only to meet the highest standards of professionalism but to also report any suspicions you have of businesses who you believe may be involved in Pension Liberation to the relevant authorities.

Therefore if you have any suspicions of any company, please use the available channels to report your suspicions to HMRC, FCA and SOCA.

In addition, if you have any concerns about any AMPS members, please submit your concerns in confidence via the contact us section of the website. Anything that you send us will be handled with absolute discretion and we may take action against members where we feel that it is justified to do so.

Please also continue to raise any general questions via our Forum as sharing experiences and best practice is a good way to ensure that everyone is kept up to date with the changing landscape of Pension Liberation and the impacts and practical concerns that it has for our members.

Together we can help the government bodies reduce and hopefully eliminate this financial crime and protect the public from unscrupulous pension practitioners.

Rees, Stephen

SSAS administrator
Member Carpenter Rees
Rendle, Stephen

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Reynolds, Alan

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Member Intelligent Money Ltd
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User Aviva
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User Hornbuckle
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Roberts, Andrew

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at Barnett Waddingham LLP
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at Burges Salmon Llp
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User Pershing Securities Limited
Rock, Matt

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User Curtis Banks Ltd
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User Astute Pensions
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Qualifying Auto-Enrolment Scheme SIPP administrator SIPP Trustee SSAS administrator SSAS practitioner SSAS Trustee
User Aviva
Sanderson, Mark

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Sankey, David
Associate Member CTC Ltd
Sansom, Fran

SIPP administrator SIPP Trustee SIPP SSAS administrator SSAS Trustee SSAS SIPP operator
Member Client Services Manager
at Westerby Trustee Services Limited
Scarlett, Caley

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User Killik and Co LLP
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at London And Colonial Services Ltd
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