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CTC Market Review2015 - Growth Rates by Asset Class
Written by Neil Macgillivray on 7th Oct 2015 12:17 pm 2306

CTC Market Review 2015 - Growth Rates by Asset Class

Since 2013, when the FCA stipulated that projections should reflect the underlying investments selected by clients, provider feedback consistently indicates that, without some standard for growth rates, this continues to be source of confusion for customers and advisers alike. CTC’s Market Review for 2014 revealed that there is still a marked disparity in the rates used across the industry revealing, in some instances, a significant level of variation. Last year’s report can be downloaded from CTC’s Innovation Centre (follow the link on from the main website ). This is not publicly available and requires registration to download.

This is the third year of the CTC survey which will reveal further interesting trends and you can participate and receive a copy of this year’s report by following this link

Over 30 providers took part last year and used the results to gauge the rates they use. As in each year we are pledging money to good causes for each survey completed.

Please contact David Sankey at CTC if you have any questions or wish to discuss further.

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